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Started as a Digital PR Agency, QwertCo has grown into an amazing 360 digital marketing agency based in Uganda. This is an idea I developed with my long time friend Brian Lugolobi. The name QwertCo came from the first six character keys on the Qwerty Keyboard. This was creatively intended to represent the fact that everything digital begins with placing and pressing your fingers on a Keyboard; Either physical or soft keyboards on our gadgets. We intend to grow QwertCo into an exemplary digital agency that will inspire young digital marketers and bloggers in Africa. That will be in addition to our business model. We can't successfully do digital business with a population that is not digitally exposed. Therefore as the Founders, we both have different Majors and these will be great towards building a sustainable and trusted Digital Marketing Agency. We hope to expand to the rest of East Africa and in the near future to Africa.

The Fastest 360 Blogger with a major Digital Marketing
An inspiration for Africa's digital future.

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