Twitter growth in Africa

“If it's happening anywhere, it's happening on Twitter” Is the network’s main tagline. Twitter has overtime evolved to become the world’s most trusted source of Information. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics. This is what Twitter has branded self. Current changes in Twitter user policies have also made it clear that Twitter wants to remain an authentic and a much respected brand globally.


2016 reports indicate that Twitter users grew marginally on the continent. It also emerges that young people tweeting from their mobile devices are driving the growth of Twitter in Africa. South Africa registers the biggest number of active users followed by Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and Morocco.


A recent article by Business Daily Africa indicated that South Africa is the continent’s most active country by volume of geo-located Tweets, with over twice as many Tweets (5,030,226 during the fourth quarter of 2011 followed by Kenya at 2,476,800. Nigeria 1,646,212), Egypt (1,214,062) and Morocco (745,620) make up the remainder of the top five most active countries on twitter.



African Twitter users are active across a range of social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. However, what still shocks people is that, Africa’s Public Figures of ages 40 and above have not joined Twitter as compared to the young ones. The network mainly has entertainers like musicians, comedians, and young journalists. Therefore, businesses investing in Africa should highly consider Twitter Business since stats indicate that Africans on twitter have a higher purchasing power as compared to those on Facebook.

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