Facebook News Feed changes will not affect Public Figures

Just like the rest of the world, I also received the worrying news about Facebook's move to curtail brand page engagements and publishers in favor of family to family and friends conversations. This announcement follows the fact that facebook had lost its engagements and human to human experience which is contrary to the values of the social network. Some tech analysts have also cited pressure Mark has received from Twitter.


From my perspective, I don't see Zuckerberg's changes affecting public figure pages. One may breakdown these pages into; Artists, Politicians, Athletes, Actors/Actresses, Bloggers, and those with specifically Public Figure as category. My argument is premised on the fact that facebook has over time been interactive and getting most engagements from these public figures. Over 75% of Facebook users visit the social network to follow updates on their celebrities or public figures and it's these celebrities that spark debates that later come to our private Timelines.  And of course; we should not forget that Facebook has always put public figures at the face of the social network because these are the immediate influencers for Facebook's growth.


It's also a mistake for Facebook to cite that they want to increase family to family engagement. The truth is; majority youths across the globe don't want to engage with their family members on social media. They actually block or don't friend zone them on Facebook. Therefore, public figures with pages shouldn't be worried about these changes because they won't in any way affect their visibility.




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