Zimbabwe President Gets Special Twitter Verification

On 16th November, 2017, Twitter announced that they were no longer going to receive public requests for verification of Twitter accounts. The company made the announcement after it discovered what it termed as a misconception of what the blue badge means. Several public figures that had no badges on their accounts are up to now stuck with many fake accounts impersonating them.



Twitter has however in the recent months gone against what we thought was going to be a non discriminatory announcement and has secretly verified Twitter accounts of two world leaders. These are George Weah; President Elect of Liberia and just a few hours ago, they have verified the Twitter account belonging to Emmerson Mnangagwa; the current President of Zimbabwe. Following several criticism over Trump's outrageous tweets, Twitter came out and said that world leaders like Trump have exemptions and other special privileges. Perhaps it's in the same spirit that the two African leaders have been verified despite the global shutdown of the service.

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