Youths for Uganda's Digital Growth

Uganda has the youngest population in the world. This fact holds a lot of meaning in terms of ICT and digital growth if at all the country is interested. Digital is a revolutionary industry which means young populations are gaining more in the long run. The President of Uganda has several times pointed at ICT as one of the most lucrative sectors to look at and obviously; digital is part of this sector in one way or another.



Digital growth is beyond social media usage and penetration but it includes a lot of things right from tech innovations to ICT in social service delivery. These are highly evolving gigs that are specifically meant to be handled by young people. Then why have we failed to transit? Government agencies are rigid to allowing digital and ICT penetration. A huge number of decision makers are old but not close to their retirement age; these can't accept revolutionary modifications that may unseat them from their jobs. Thus they have deliberately undermined digital growth for selfish reasons. It's incumbent upon the youths to force the digital revolution through. There will not be any will whatsoever for digital growth from our current ageing decision makers. You should all be asking yourself why at this level of tech penetration, we still have unnecessary red-tape in government service delivery!!! I conclude by appreciating a few institutions that have paved way for digital growth and inclusion in their frameworks.

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