Xente App among Winners of digital strategies

I am pleased to announce winners of my FREE digital strategies which I announced two weeks ago. Digital Marketing is a revolutionary industry which all brands must embrace without fear. I set up this challenge to avail an opportunity to young and enthusiastic start-ups grow their online presence.


The package shall include a FREE scripted digital marketing strategy, 100$ in Facebook ads, and a one month FREE advisory. My personal brand of Mathias Ssemanda is looking to investing in big digital marketing growth projects where all youths will be exposed. Most people are aware that I own a Digital Marketing agency (QwertCo) but aside personal businesses, growing the industry has been one of my core objectives which I must take serious. Bellow are the winners of the competition and I congratulate them;


Xente App

Kesha Media Concepts INC

Shades Only

Bella Safaris Ltd


Ask without Shame

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