KCCA Tops Gov't institutions on Digital

Normally when we talk about an institution's online and digital presence, we pretend to be shortsighted by only looking at the institution's vibrancy on social media. Personally, I have really disagreed with that position. I have been around when Awards like ACIA, HiPipo, and the faded Social Media Awards are happening. They are all swayed by social media excitement and presence of a given brand and they will call that Digital strength of an institution.


After studying the importance of the internet revolution towards institutional development, you can't rule out things like; direct digital service delivery, digital public relations, digital CSR, digital systems, digital infrastructure, digital marketing, and digital care,  So here in Uganda, all those Awards only consider digital care, digital PR and marketing.


From the above perspective, I used a personal yardstick   to measure the value and strength of all government institutions on digital and the following made it;


1. Kampala Capital City Authority: I firstly appreciate KCCA for their speedy transition from the rudimentary Kampala City Council. This was too fast seeing KCCA formerly KCC embrace digital. The pace at which digital structures were established is really commendable. KCCA was formed in 2010 as per the KCCA Act of 2010 which came into force on 14th, January 2011. This gives them credit to have fast-tracked digital inclusion than other old government establishments. KCCA has successfully invested a lot in their online image from having the most attractive, active and organised website to having the most quality photo and videography coverage for all their events. KCCA has maintained these standards and they purely reflect on their social media platforms. KCCA was the first government organisation to have a written social media policy and well, it didn't stop on paper. They are executing the policy very well. Kudos KCCA.


2. Makerere University: MUK as commonly known, is East Africa's premier and largest university. The university also ranks very well on the African continent at No.3. Makerere University is of course the biggest digitally established government institution; first it being an academic institution with cores in ICT. It was actually meant to top this list but I am disappointed by the university's late embracing of social media as a channel of PR, support and other forms of communication. You will all agree that Makerere got active when Twitter verified their account in April 2017. Makerere has one of the most visited local websites in Uganda. (www.mak.ac.ug) ranks 11 on Alexa among the most visited local websites. And I should like to appreciate the large digital structures that Makerere created internally. All Colleges and Schools have websites which are also hosted via mak.ac.ug; these websites are designed to greater standards and each has its own social media channels. Makerere simply needs to fix a few bottlenecks and it will get back to the top of this list.


3. Uganda Revenue Authority: URA is the government tax collector. The authority has in the past 3yrs been transiting from the old bureaucratic systems that weren't only facilitating corruption but also slowing down service delivery. I am not a big direct customer of the URA after all even my website hasn't collected any money from Google ??. You all that have recently dealt with URA are aware that most services were digitalised. Their website became a one stop center for everything plus several verification processes that have also been digitalised. This I must credit URA for being the biggest government institution on digital service based delivery. Anyway, I also got a chance to experience this during my previous online application for the TIN. Within a few hours, I had my TIN ready. URA's website is the 4th most visited local website according to Alexa. This can clearly show you how important it's. Of course this isn't a betting website, thus implying that people go there for services. On the other side, URA should invest more in improving your digital care system. It's unfortunate that URA social media accounts are active only during Ask CG sessions and their conferences.


4. National Water and Sewerage Corporation: NWSC is a government utility body responsible for managing our water systems and sewerage infrastructure. I won't write much about them, but I was pushed to have them in this position due to their response to emergencies reported via digital. They are the best digital care government institution. I have been following their internal behavior and all I see is an internal decision which was passed that all senior staff must be online. Several of NWSC staff have active accounts on mostly Twitter which is obviously the top platform for reporting emergencies here in Uganda. NWSC has also won accolades both locally and internationally for their extraordinary services. These awards may not have been necessary because of their digital presence, but it added to that. Keep up the work NWSC!


National Social Security Fund: NSSF deserves to be better than this. I am seriously disappointed!!! First of all, unlike the above bodies, NSSF is spending lots of money every year on an outsourced digital agency called Blu Flamingo which I think is doing nothing as compared to the above 4 guys who are depending on their in house staff. NSSF is here because they are supposed to be on this list otherwise, I would have excluded them like I did in the announcement tweet. NSSF has one of the best originally created website in Uganda and it suits the purpose of the organization. NSSF is also the most consistent institution when it comes to brand guidelines on digital. They don't mess with their colors and quality of content. NSSF is also the leading entity on giving digital coverage for all their events. Blu Flamingo should  be questioned for working on a brand like NSSF which holds lots of events but lacks a credible blog or news portal on the website. NSSF must be accountable and transparent and having a blog or news portal would keep us informed about all things happening at the Fund. Several influencers in Kampala have professed to have done two or three gigs with NSSF on their digital PR. This is tremendous of NSSF and all government entities should copy.



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