Blu Flamingo Digital Agency on the verge of losing Airtel Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda accounts.

When you talk about digital agencies in Uganda, you can’t miss to point at Blu Flamingo. I will personally doubt your understanding of Uganda’s digital Industry if you don’t know Blu Flamingo Digital Marketing Agency. Co-founded by sisters Seanice and Nancy Kacungira in 2009, Blu Flamingo expanded to East Africa and beyond with operations in South Africa and Nigeria. Actually, this expansion slightly shifted their identity and they apparently identify themselves as Blu Flamingo Digital Africa. Personally, I have been inspired by Blu Flamingo’s performance and I appreciate where this Agency got our digital industry to where we are. I got a chance during my time at Campus to work with Blu Flamingo on a one off as an influencer. I went to take part in one of NSSF’s career expos only to meet a lady whom I got to know later as Ms. Hannat Semanda. One of my friends had talked about Hannat and her enthusiasm to work with young people and, that she really had gigs for influencing. I requested her to be one of the influencers that day and she indeed accepted. That was my first and last meet up with Blu Flamingo.



Blu Flamingo has overtime kept a grip on Uganda’s digital industry with almost the biggest and most performing brands in their control. Among the brands handled by Blu Flamingo in Uganda are; Centenary Bank, National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Bell Lager, DSTv, TECNO, Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG), NBS TV, and Airtel Uganda.



Not everyday is a good day; Blu Flamingo is currently facing a couple of challenges in operations as a digital agency. These aren’t particularly about finances as one may think. After their successful execution of services at Airtel Uganda, Blu Flamingo nailed deals to take on and handle Airtel’s operations in Rwanda and later Kenya. All digital marketers will agree with me that the years 2015 and 2016 were epic and full of big activity at Airtel Uganda in as far as digital was concerned! Airtel Rwanda and Kenya were also performing better until around February 2017 when things started changing. Airtel Uganda was also nowhere in 2017 and is still sinking deep this year. When I joined the telecom industry as the Head of Social Media at Africell, I was actually afraid of Airtel but surprisingly, they kept on collapsing on digital from February 2017 till the end of the year. This fall in performance has continued to 2018. I spoke to a few highly informed guys about what was going on at Airtel. They seemed not to have clear information but they all attested that there was something wrong from Airtel as a company and not Blu Flamingo as I had thought before. 



During his last visit to Uganda, Airtel Africa’s CEO, Raghunath Mandava pointed at major issues which included drastic slashing of the company’s budget on marketing and human resource. The wave of these changes wasn’t only going to affect Airtel Uganda but also spill over to other small operations like Rwanda and Kenya. It should be noted that Airtel Uganda has just recently started to post profits where-as markets like Kenya and Rwanda aren’t yet profitable to the company. In this entire fracas, key issues were pointed out and among them was cutting costs on outsourced services which also included suggestions to completely do away with outsourcing providers like Media buyers, digital marketing agencies etcetra. Airtel wants to move all previously outsourced services to in-house and this must affect Blu Flamingo. My snoops from both Airtel and Blu Flamingo opened up to me that Blu Flamingo budgets were seriously cut and obligations of the agency were also reduced. Could this be the explanation to the under-performance of Airtel on digital in the past 13-14 months? When I sent my tweet about this article, I received a partial call from a number which my “True-Caller” identified as of Seanice. The lady who didn’t introduce herself to me immediately went on to tell me that what I said in my tweet wasn’t true. I made efforts to get back to her to learn more about why she trashed my tweet but she didn’t answer my calls. 



If it’s not true that Airtel is moving towards terminating Blu Flamingo’s contract/s in order to implement the order they got from group level, then Blu Flamingo must explain why they have practically executed so badly in the past year. This is below average as of the work we all expect from an agency of Blu Flamingo’s stature.

NOTE: Article picture isn’t a true logo of Blu Flamingo Digital Agency.


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