My Response to Jude Mugabi.

Jude Mugabi also known as Usual Suspect as per his Twitter display name is one of Uganda’s most influential people that haven’t only bought plots of Land on Uganda Twitter, but they built houses on it!!

Jude responded to my blog titled “Blu Flamingo on the verge of losing Airtel Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda accounts”. Jude responded in a tweet that stated:

"@MathiasSsemanda what I gather from this article is that you feel @BluFlamingoUG is underperforming & should thus lose the @airtel_ug. Your headline is just click bait. The article is more sentimental than factual." Click for Jude’s original tweet!

Well, Jude is right when he says that I feel Blu Flamingo is underperforming. It’s true, and it was from this background that I had to find out why Uganda’s largest digital agency is underperforming. I went ahead and gave facts whose sources I preferred to withhold about the move by Airtel Group to suspend all outsourced providers of which Blu Flamingo is one of them. With that major highlight, I thought Jude Mugabi would not misconstrue my article. I would also request the indulgence of any person with authority from the agency its self to respond as my earlier attempts to get their position failed.

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