WhatsApp Business App bashed.

Not even a week after unveiling the App, the facebook owned messaging App is receiving thousands of negative reviews. 

WhatsApp Business was an idea developed to support SMEs through granting them an opportunity to talk and communicate to customers using this rapidly growing Application.

In July, 2017, WhatsApp announced more than 1.3 billion active users which means a lot to businesses that would need to expand their reach.

Though the App isn’t yet available for download in Uganda, I have been able to look at the reviews from people across the world. Most people have bashed the App for not granting multi-user access features since they claim it’s a business App.

One reviewer said; “Other than the business profile there’s nothing different from the personal versions. I have a radio station and I would like my DJ’s to have the # in their phones to talk to listener”

Other ugly reviews include;

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