#NoFear - Why you need to Fear!

They started with destroying billboards. The teaser was so weak that majority of the people never fell for it since no thug can go professional painting in the name of destroying a billboard. My snoops had notified me about the incoming data campaign from MTN. I actually received an on-site video-clip that was captured during one of the nights the billboards were painted.

 On Thursday, 15th February 2018, MTN threw a #NoFear party at Legends Rugby Grounds. The party which was also a launch for the campaign was on invitation and not every Tom, Dick and Harry! In my tweet I said “MTN’s #NoFear product isn’t for the development of youths in the digital era as the talk is. The body of the article rather explains a lazy and entertainment internet package. Details in my Saturday article!”

 From my angle as a digital marketer, I was concerned about what our leading telecom had for the youths. It’s obvious that as an industry leader, MTN’s decisions impact a lot on what our internet market will be today or in the future.

I have carefully studied the packages that are involved in this entire MTN Pulse offer. In their press release, “Wim noted that MTN Uganda took the time to gather insights into the youth market and noticed that brand needed to identify further with them.” They went ahead to say; “The future of the country in terms of technology will be driven by data. MTN Pulse is all about affordable data that will enable the young Ugandans to express themselves.”

 First, Wim is right to say that they gathered insights into the youth market. Most youths are spending most of their internet time on social media. Anything outside social media doesn’t work for them. But it’s wrong for MTN to offer largely SWIFT Bundles when they claimed that the future of our country’s technology will be driven by data. Data for development is beyond social bundles. Youths need bulky real data offers that will help them innovate. MTN Pulse is simply an entertainment and a social internet offer which I don’t see its benefits spilling over to transforming youths.

Mara-Kumi‏ @omwafriqa; my follower from Tanzania replied my tweet; “In Tanzania, packages given to university students are geared towards research. So most telecoms sell what they call University simcards, for which they are given 1.5GB each week at just 1,000tshs to enable them do research. Not entertainment. Here it's off” Mara added; “Actually you can simply have a look at @Haloteltz , @airtel_tanzania they all have "laini ya chuo". Meaning University line. Calls and internet packages are way cheaper on those lines in order to boost research for the students.” That’s what Ugandan youths need! Not lazy internet offers. And in this case, I seriously blame MTN Uganda as a largest player for not leading the way.

From the above and many expressions I have received from youths, I can say that Airtel Data Blasta and Africell’s Triple data offers are nearly great youth-support internet packages. The rest is wack including Social Bundles. Much as small real internet bundles of 150MBs, 100MBs, etc are offered on MTN Pulse, they are too meager to mean what Wim explained in the press release.

On the other-side of the MTN Pulse project, we shall need to give MTN time to see how they will grow and support youth communities. To me, it is just a marketing and consumption strategy. MTN should have first of all granted MTN youths a data FREE access to www.pulse.mtn.co.ug. But if it requires youths to spend 50MBs of their Pulse offer on surfing the project’s website, then we need to rethink!! In a nutshell; we need something better than this.

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