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Art is a broad word in itself. But my area of exposure has been the music industry through my engagements with many musicians, DJs and producers at Magic Town Music and other levels. It’s of no surprise that artists have now got a duty to brand their images online despite their music massively playing on radios and TV.


Putting up professional social media profiles can see an artist’s image move beyond borders. Social Media special features like verified accounts have also brought artists closer since it is only a follow or like of a page that will see one artist in UK talking to an artist in Uganda despite these two having never met anywhere. I recommend that every up and coming artist be interested in establishing themselves on the following Social Networks; YouTube, Facebook (should have a page not just a profile), Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. The most important thing though is, every artist should have a website. A website is your home in the digital space since links to all the above social networks can be availed and all your works can be found on your website. Artists should avoid special domain extensions! The most preferred and recognized domain extension is “dot com”

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