Internet into Government

The state is the most important agent in our day to day life. Whether you are in your country or a foreigner in another country, your activities are managed and regulated by governments and administrative establishments. In the real sense, we are all born free but we established man led systems that help us govern ourselves better and we therefore remain submissive to such authorities.

Unlike the past, today the internet has made us somehow close to those government institutions thus reducing the face to face with those in charge. However, Africa’s pace in embracing digital governance is the slowest as compared to other continents. Several African governments have failed to established credible one-stop portals through which people can easily access information. Bandwidth connectivity in developing countries is also still at low levels even when the demand has increased.


Way Forward;


Governments should establish themselves online to enable first class service delivery that meets global demand. It’s no coincidence that internet companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Telecoms have special desks for world government support. Such establishments are meant to support governments establish themselves online to serve their people well. 

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