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Facebook is the world's biggest social network. Facebook has grown its African user base to 170-million, 94% of whom use mobile to access the social network. Seven out of 10 internet users in Africa now log onto Facebook, it says. Aside mainstream media, social media is another big way African start-ups can increase their sales. Facebook has made it simple for people to market their products on the network through features like; Facebook groups, pages and currently The Facebook-WhatsApp integration which will make communication between companies and local people easier. Facebook Ads have on record offered the best deal for start-ups. These are easy to launch and if optimized, marketers will gain more sales at the cheapest rates on Ads. After moving their African Offices to a larger space in Johannesburg, facebook has now embarked on increasing presence on the continent. Zuckerberg's visit to Kenya in September 2016 was also a bench-making move which will enable the social network boost investments in Africa. SMEs must use Facebook to reach out to their clients before they look at bigger expenditures on Print and mainstream media.

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