In 2016, I graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Development Studies and later enrolled for a Diploma in Law. I completed and graduated in 2017 from the Law Development Center in Kampala, Uganda. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of International Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University.

MOU Signing Ceremony between Hunan Province’s Department of Education and Uganda’s Ministry of Education in Changsha, China.

With fellow young diplomats at Penn State.

Visit to partner university-Xiangtan University, China by Makerere and Ministry of Education and Sports.

In 2016, I started pursuing my career in diplomacy in my home country–Uganda, where I was a thought leader in new media technologies focusing on e-government. At that time, I was interested in learning how the internet is shaping international relations and thus affecting diplomatic ties between developed and developing countries. Digital Diplomacy is an emerging discipline in International Affairs. I founded a bloggers community in Uganda called Top Bloggers Uganda, and I was the organization’s president until August 2020.

Today, I continue to pursue my career in digital diplomacy and international relations. My concentration is on International Development Policy with a focus on U.S.– China relations. I am also researching Africa’s foreign policy and how U.S. – China relations will tremendously determine the future of the African continent for the next 200 years.

At Pennsylvania State University, I have met and interacted with some of the most extraordinary academics in the field of International Relations. Among them are Professor Ambassador Dennis Jett, a former U.S. Ambassador and diplomat whose career in the U.S Foreign service spanned 28 years on three continents. Penn State School of International Affairs is also a highly ranked school of international affairs and a founding member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.